Day 29: Wind In The Night

The wind at night howls with inexplicable anger, tearing through trees and chilling the world. High above in the sky twinkle bright stars that appear and disappear as the wind whips the clouds by.

The silence of night is shattered in seconds as the wailing echoes through the house. One can only imagine the wind as a heart broken women lamenting the loss of her love. On nights like this it is hard to remain asleep. The gusts rattle windows and slam porch doors. It tears through branches and casts them to the ground.

The air turns cold as fall temperatures sweep over the ground raking the leaves here and there. In the morning the ground will be littered with freshly fallen leaves, one of the only signs of the wind that tore through them.

Morning comes with a calming gasp, the howling has stopped, trees shake quietly in a light breeze, and over head the clouds drift by slowly. The wailing, raging wind no longer sweeps this part of the earth.

Night conceals the secrets of the world, the dreams made from the heart, the moons silence pleas, and the meaning behind the howls in the wind. They are hidden underneath the dark, dark shadows of night. Hardly anyone sees the secrets exchanged while we sleep, but on occasion the howls are far too loud to be ignored and a lonely soul awakens with a shiver.

Night presses in and the warm blankets try to entice the dreamer back to sleep. But there’s something so captivating about the desperate gusts of the ravaging wind. For those awake at four in the morning know of the secrets exchanged in the night. They echo through the quiet, one can attest to the fact that the wind seems to be desperately searching for something. With every window it rattles and door it throws closed the howls grow stronger, leaving the awakened dreamer to wander what the wind could be searching for so desperately.

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

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