Day 28: Time Is A Journal

Time is . . . a journal. Pages and pages of written text, scrawled carelessly or carefully between lines. Each word tells a story about the person who owns the journal, their life written like a novel for their own personal gratification.

Extraordinary moments and the mediocre instances are all placed within the binding of a journal and fill up books. Ink flows endlessly over the pages connecting each day to the next in order to create a portrait of who is writing it. Thoughts and emotions are documented, conversations, memories. Anything and everything is placed within the journal.

Page after page is filled until books and volumes of pages are collected in an incredible series of events. Jotting down moments creates this tale that shows how life plays out for someone. Change can be tracked over the pages, love blossoms on different pages, and heartbreak is explained over tearstained lines. Life is explored in full in the journal and it captured for eternity.

This record of events lasts much longer than the author of the book. It perseveres through the ages, holding onto the secrets and memories of a single person. The journal captures what life looks like from an intimate level that is not possible in any other form.

The journal tells a story about the meaningfulness of life.

In the same way, time is a story about us. We write our life down on the curling pages of time and craft our story around us. Each day we life through adds to the incredible chapters and volumes. Each year adds an incredible journey to the overarching path of our life. We are living, breathing characters in our very own story.

Nothing is more personal than time itself. Everything we do it wrapped up in time, it has taken time to write this blog post and you are taking time to read it. Time exists whether we realize it or not. It ticks by as we continue to live. Each moment we are alive is another page, another chapter, another section added to our journal of time.

What story is your journal telling? What are you doing with the time given to you? If you indeed had a story being written about you this very instant, what would you (the main character) be doing?

There is only a certain amount of time given to us in this life. We are born with a sunrise and will eventually fade into a sunset, yet the time between . . . what an incredible time to be alive. Every second you face you can do anything with. What will you do being with the next second you encounter?

As we go through our life, we have a decision to make. We can spend our time on anything, literally anything. Yet are we spending our time on something meaningful and beautiful? There is no way to know when we will no longer have enough time left, because of this we must live like this is our last day. Regret is a devastating emotion to feel, so I challenge you to try and live each day without a single regret.

Spend your time doing what you love, spend your time with the people you love. When your sunset comes you will only remember the beautiful moments and all the regret that has built up. Do not let your regret outweigh the beautiful memories, do not allow yourself to waste your time on things that will become trivial later.

Time is yours. Each moment is incredibly personal and it tells your story. What are you going to do with your time?

Time is . . . personal.

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

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