Day 27: Time Is A Sunset

Time is . . . a sunset. Colors light up the sky and the day fades from sunshine to starlight. Hues ranging from dark purple to pink to red to orange fill the sky and reflect off of clouds. The last rays of daylight warm the earth before slipping beneath the surface.

The sunset colors the world with incredible shades that seem to blend reality with fantasy. They look far too beautiful to be of the world. As the sun dips towards the surface of the earth, the world turns into a painting with the most beautiful hues.

As the world explodes with the beauty of a sunset, one can watch it fade from beginning to end. They last for such a short period of time, but what a time. From the moment they start to the moment they end they are filled with such stunning visuals that never fail to captivate. They exist simply for no other purpose but to show there is beauty in the act of the sun going down on a day.

Every day ends the same way, the sun slips below the horizon and disappears from view. Each day the sunset looks different from the last, all are different and all are beautiful. They create a sense that even when the ends comes there will be something amazing to witness.

The sunrise shows that there is beauty in an ending.

In the same way, time will always end in a sunset. Our lives are like days in the grand scheme of things and all are different from someone else’s life. We live from sunrise to sunset. Every moment in-between makes up the incredible journey we walk. Yet even as we walk it we are getting closer and closer to the sunset.

Our time on this earth will not last forever, eventually there will be no more time in our lives. We will all reach our own sunset. And how beautiful it is, it reflect on the clouds of our life and paints everything in glorious colors. There is so much beauty in a sunset. It holds something so incredibly fascinating.

When we realize that eventually our lives will end in a sunset, we should adjust our view on the time given to us. Every moment is fragile and will not last forever. The important part is making sure that we use our time wisely.

Chasing after fickle desires and hollow promises will not lead to a fulfilling life. When we reach our sunset, we should be looking at it with wonder and amazement. We have done and accomplished so much and the sunset reflects our beautiful life. The last thing we want is to look at the sunset and feel an overwhelming sense of regret. Live life with the intent on never having a single regret. Look to the sunset with eyes filled with beautiful memories and amazing friendships.

Time is . . . ending.

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

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