Day 25: Time Is A Butterfly

Time is . . . a butterfly. Beautiful and captivating, on thin wings it flies as if it did not feel gravity at all. The butterflies body is held up entirely by fragile wings that are thinner than paper. It seems as if a single wind would send it tumbling to the ground yet it defies logic and flits through the air.

The butterfly drifts gracefully, dancing from flower to flower. Floating over the landscape of the world, it sees no reason to hurry from one place to the other. A single flutter of the wings carries it forward without hesitation. There is this sense of complete magic hovering with the butterfly, it is far too fragile to fly yet it continues to do so with such grace and ease.

Against the very definition of impossible a butterfly flies. Nothing holds it back and although the wind presses in from every side, trying to sway its flight, the butterfly continues on. Nothing that frail should persist in such a cruel world, yet the butterfly ignores reason.

Weightless it carries itself on wings of vibrant color. A symbol of transformation and happiness, the butterfly captivates the human mind with the impossibility of flight. It is such a temporal, but the beauty it carries with it while it is alive means everything.

The butterfly is far too delicate and frail for this world.

In the same way, time is incredibly delicate. Nothing in this life is guaranteed, any moment could be our very last. Because of this we walk a thin line that could tip at any moment. The fragility of time is evident in the fact that we have no way of predicting the future.

Every second that passes is gone forever, it slips away into a memory and is replaced by another second and then another. We have lived through so many days, floating along gracefully on wings made out of time. The impossible becomes the possible as we live each day with new experiences and new people.

Yet at any second, a gust of wind could sweep through the world and batter us to the ground. Our life is made up of frail moments without any evidence of the next one. How would you be living if you knew your time would soon run out? Often we live our life out of complacency and forget that each moment we are breathing is part of our incredible journey.

Time is far too delicate to be ignored completely. We dance from moment to moment on wings so frail they seem to defy the very nature of gravity. However, no moment is completely secure, what is it that you will do with the time you are given in order to make it purposeful?

Time is . . . delicate.

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

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