Day 24: Time Is A Locket

Time is . . . a locket. It is a meaningful and valuable trinket that represents so much. People pass it down through generations and tucked away on the inside is a photo of what is near and dear to our heart. A locket shows something that is personal and cherished.

Crafted out of precious metals, a locket was designed to last. They hold our hearts and because they do, they are often heart shaped, a beautiful reminder of what is important. Tucked safely around someone’s neck it rests against skin, the gold or silver heating up from the warmth coming off of us.

A locket is special because when we slip a photo inside, it comes with us everywhere and does not fade. The heart shaped jewelry rests near our heart and absorbs the sound of its beating. That which is within it does not disappear and travels by our side, reminding us constantly of love.

Love wraps through the strands of metal and claps the locket to our person. Often times at the end of an age, someone passes their locket down to the next generation. This keeps the memento alive with new love and new memories. Different things pass within the frames of a locket, but the love is always there.

There is a special kind of importance that comes with a such a necklace. It is different from all the rest, it can become part of us and hold some of the most special moments of our lives. Photos of a loved one with all the memories their smile holds. This locket reminds us of love, friendship, joy, and all the wonderful and beautiful things in life. It is valuable and priceless all at the same time.

The locket keeps our precious memories safe.

In the same way, time is incredibly special and keeps wonderful memories close to our hearts. Often times we can look at time in a harsh way and blame it for all our problems. However, there are so many beautiful things when it comes to time. We have done so much in our lives, we have loved so many people and experienced so many incredible moments. This is what makes us alive.

Our mind is filled to the brim with so many memories and every day we add to them, expanding our stories and our love for others. We have so many friends and family members that are dear to our heart and we keep memories close to us in order to feel their love always. Time is our locket, we wrap our memories in the center just like a photo and carry it with us always.

In the end we pass our stories down and we tell others of our love for them and how much we have cherished their presence in our life. The memories may never mean the same to others, but oh how beautiful they are to us. Life is full of so many moments that make being alive worth it.

People we know, things we experience, and the emotions we feel are all a picture of our life that we wrap in time and keep close to our heart.

Time is . . . cherished.

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

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