Day 23: Time Is A Breeze

Time is . . . a breeze. Drifting softly by with such a gentle touch, it stirs the leaves beneath it and brushes strands of hair across ones face. It comes into existence and disappears with the next breath.

The softest touch and the barely visible rustle belong to time in the form of a breeze. It comes upon the world with a sudden puff before disappearing the next second. Traces of the breeze are hardly noticeable and range from the displaced flower petal to ruffled fabric. Invisible to all who look for it, the only way to detect the breezes presence is through its effects on the objects under it.

All feel the delicate embrace of the breeze as it flies across the surface of the earth. It comes one second, stirs all in the area, before slipping away with a sigh. Through the air it drifts, a breeze untamed and without boundaries. It touches all and has effect on everything in the world.

The presence of a breeze goes unnoticed by many, it drifts through without so much as a raised eyebrow. Oblivious to the wind stirring around them, people continue on their way and simple do not notice its comportment. Days pass and leaves are twisted around on their branch by the breeze, but few see it.

Others are fixated by the rustling of it around them. Their gaze is fixed intently onto the breeze and they follow it through the world, chasing after something invisible to their eye. One can never capture the breeze though, it flees the more someone runs after it. The more intent someone is at catching the breeze, the more illusive it becomes.

The breeze is here one second and gone the next.

In the same way, time drifts past us. It flows through our days as invisible as the wind and as tangible as a breeze. We can feel the effects of time on our lives, yet we cannot detect it with our eye. It comes and ruffles that which is around us before disappearing.

The time we have on this earth is limited, we are all allotted a certain amount of time and have no control over it. We are whisked forward by the pull of a breeze from the start of our lives to the end. Every second we experience time, sometimes oblivious to its presence and sometimes deliberately chasing after it.

When we run after time, it evades our grasp. We cannot grab more for ourselves, nothing we do will ever give us more time on this earth. Eventually the end will come for all of us, we are mortal beings living in a temporary world. What matters is what we do with the time given to us by our Creator. Time is always moving, always drifting past us and no amount of chasing will gain us more time. We must learn to wisely use the time we have for we do not truly know how much we have left.

Time is . . . fleeting.

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

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