Day 22: Time Is A Castle

Time is . . . a castle. It is beautiful and strong. The walls do not fail and the gates have not rusted. It is able to withstand all the forces of nature and man, lasting far longer than any who have resided within its walls. Centuries pass and still nothing shakes it to the ground.

There time stands, in all of its glory, an imposing feature on the landscape of the world. Resting atop a hill with an advantage against those who may dare appose it. People bend to its power and although many fight against the walls, they do not tumble to the ground. Built to last against even the strongest of foes, the castle does not tremble in the face of adversaries.

One can trust the sturdiness of the stones made to build the castle, for they have not failed yet and one does not see them failing in the future. People pass through the gates, the halls have been well traversed. All that enter, stay for their appointed time before exiting over the drawbridge.

Centuries go by in a flash as the walls stand and the insides do not fade. The castle remains as generations go by and none have witnessed a crack in its defense. Winds batter the ramparts and fire may threaten the keep, yet the castle remains undefeated.

There have been many who have come against the castle. They clash against the walls and try their best to tear it to the ground. However, even the strongest of catapults have no effect and men can do nothing to destroy it.

The castle remains standing.

In the same way, time stands untouched. Mortals attempt to tear it to the ground and get more time and longer lives, but they strive in vain. Time does not bend to the will of man, the walls remain standing and fire does not scorch the stones.

We experience time every day, our lives are lived within its keep and one day we will have no choice but to exit its confines. Life is precious and it is lived within this durable fortress.

Time does not change, it is the same every day and it withstands even the strongest attempts of altering it. There is nothing we can do that will slow time down, stop time, or speed time up. Our attempts are futile, we are part of one of the many generations that will pass within its walls.

There is beauty in its impenetrable stones and how so many people have passed this way before. There is so much to do and to see, we are given such a brief period within the castle. Many try to alter the time allotted to them but time is unchangeable. It stands like a castle on the top of a hill, without weakness and withstanding any forces that may oppose it.

Time is . . . indestructible.

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

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