Day 15: A Different Reality

What do we dream about when we fall asleep? What does our mind feed us with? Do these visions that we do not remember when we wake, shape us or give us direction during our daylight hours?

Do we wake up a new person from who we were before we went to sleep because of the dreams we have?

Our mind feeds us lies as we lay there, guiding our subconscious through instances we will never experience. Sometimes upon waking we are left with fragments of what filled the night. These random bits of dreams give us a glimpse into the stories that fill our minds while we lie still on our bed. They are moments of time that never happen yet feel so completely real.

Dreams bend the rules of reality as we know it. The impossible becomes the possible when we dream, the rules of this world no longer apply and we can float free outside of any constraints. Does our mind link together our dreams in one reality of their own? Do they seem random because we only see snippets of the whole picture? One cannot know for sure, however one could assume they are all connected for it would make sense.

A world apart from our own. Our own creation which we experience every night for hours on end but could never be part of consciously. We live out a life different from the one we are actually living, we experience things we have never experienced before. And when we wake it can feel so completely real.

We dream of a different reality, one which we cannot have and often do not remember.

So is this why we sometimes have a brief moment of familiarity with a moment we have never before experienced? Is déjà vu simply our mind reminding us of our dream reality that is beginning to touch our reality?

Are there moments in our life when reality parallels fantasy for a brief second? Could these flashes of familiarity when we remember a situation that has never happened before be a window between the two realities? A glimpse of what has been in our dreams?

A dream is a life lived apart from this one. Our mind spins a web of endless lies and feeds it to us every night. Those instances when we remember upon waking are rare occasions when we truly know what it was like in that reality. So do these dreams fuel our hopes and our motivations? Do they then go on to fuel our feelings?

When we sleep our mind is filled with moments, adventures, relationships, and experiences that will simply never happen. Because a dream fuels our subconscious, do they then fuel our conscious decisions without us knowing? Does our mind try and navigate us towards this alternate reality in our life?

How can we know? For a dream is a wish our heart makes, one that we do not remember when the morning light spills into our room.

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

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