Day 13: Making Time

Life offers up many challenges. However, I truly believe one of the hardest challenges of all is simply trying to balance it all. Balancing your passions with your responsibilities. What you want to do with what you feel you have to do. This is a struggle with which we all face almost every day.

I have faced this problem constantly for the last few weeks, from trying to get ahead in school before my trip to Europe to trying to catch up after I got back from the trip. There seems to have been hardly any time for my creativity in the last month. Yes I have written a blog post every day for the last 12 days, however, the last time I created an image was in August. It has been forever since I chased after my passion for photography and I absolutely hate it.

When it comes to this struggle for balance I feel it the most between my business and school. I am a week away from fall break and have been chasing after deadlines for what seems like forever. Because of this I feel almost like my photography has been put on the back burner. I have done many photoshoots in the past month, however, the time to really focus on editing these image has been consumed by school work.

Is it truly possible to have a balance between our life and our passion? Is it feasible to do both simultaneously? From what I have seen, I am unsure. There are only 24 hours in a day and once the time has passed it is gone forever. Because of this it can be hard to do everything we want to accomplish in a day.

But I have hope. I have hope that if we care about something we will make time for it. Whether that be our passion, our business, our relationships, or our hobbies. Whatever we truly care about we will find time to make it happen. However, I think we have fallen into the illusion that if we care about something time will naturally find a way to fit it into our schedule.

It takes purposeful intentions to make room for what you want to do. It is possible to make the time. If we feel a desire in our hearts to pursue something, there is time to run after it. Adjusting our schedule, cutting things out, these are the steps we must take in order to find the time.

We make time for what we care about.

Time does not naturally make time for what we care about. If we leave it to chance and happy happen stances there will never be enough time for anything in our lives. Priorities take time, but if we genuinely care about something there is an unlimited amount of time available for it. We just have to be creative with how we find it.

What do you care about? What is important to you and what are you doing to make time for it in your life? I assure you, if you do not find time for what you love you will eventually come to a place like me. The time to pursue my passion was always there, I just did not make myself look for it. I could have created more than one image last month had I simply shifted a few things around. But I did not and I’m left feeling like my business has been neglected.

There is always time. You just have to make it. As I am writing this I am reminding myself of this very lesson. There is time to create images and to get good grades in school at the same time. I just have to focus on making the time for both. What you do with the time you are given is the important part of life.

What are you going to do with your time?

Until Next Time,
Lillan Merritt

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