Day 7: Dearest Connection

Dearest connection where have you been? Have you been avoiding me?

For so long I have not felt your presence, for so long there has not been a feeling of warmth between souls.

A barren wasteland has been present within for so long that this new growth is such a foreign feeling.

How long has it been since I have felt you dearest connection?

When was the last time I felt your beautiful presence lighting me up from the inside out? Was it before or after I forced it all down? How does one respond when this connection has come back into my life?

This new feeling inside is one many have strived after and not found. I too have chased in vain. Yet when I did not look you crept up on me from behind and embraced me in a warm embrace.

Dearest connection where have you been? Why has it been so long since I have felt your presence deep within my heart?

Now I feel you there, sneaking up within me and alighting a garden full of beauty in my soul. I have missed you dearest connection… I hope you choose to stay this time.

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

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