Day 4: Autumn’s Breath

The days are growing shorter and the nights longer. It has become easier to see in-between the trees and into the depths of the forest. All across the horizon is a tinge of golden-yellow. As each day goes by we slip further into the fall season and with each leaf that dances to the ground change fills the air.

Fall has always been a time of change. Summer fades away as the colors throughout the hills and plains change from green to hues of red, yellow, and gold. The temperatures drop and the night skies gleam with bright stars. Fall is a season of overcast skies, hot cups of tea, good books, journaling, and nostalgia.

With the changing of seasons, we are once again reminded of the beauty in endings. The earth sings with colors and overcast skies hold in the dense feelings of change. We curl up with a thick blanket and watch the rain patting down on the window panes and could almost touch the comforting feeling of autumn.

There is such beauty in the changing from summer to fall, memories from the past slip into our minds like the leaves slipping to the ground. A smile alights upon our lips for a moment as we remember fond memories from a time long since past. Each mug of tea holds a special moment in time and as we watch the world change we are reminded of all the previous falls we have encountered.

Memories run untamed through the days of fall, almost as if the breeze coaxes them on.

This autumn is no different from the rest. The temperatures slip lower, the trees begin their slow descent into winter preparations, and memories hang heavy like the clouds. Yet each year the autumn holds different change from the last.

We have changed from who we were last year during this time. So much can happen in a year. Life is lived day by day without fail and not much seems to shift as we watch from a present point of view. However, when we look back so much has changed.

Use this time in our life as the seasons shift from one to another to look back at all the change we have gone through. What periods in your life have spurred on the most change? Where were the periods that felt like nothing seemed to change? We are all made up of complex stories of growth and endings. Just as the seasons can change the whole appearance of a single tree so can the seasons of our life change who we are.

Reflect on beautiful memories over a cup of tea and write about the falls that happened in your life. Autumn can be a beautiful season of remembering what used to be and seeing the type of change that has taken place within ourselves.

Then look to the future. What lies beyond this season of change? After the trees are laid bare and again the seasons have shifted where do you see yourself? Where can you cultivate change in your life? The next time you walk through the beautiful fall landscapes think over these questions.

For just like in the past, there is change to be experienced in the future. With every ending there is a new beginning and with every day that passes a new one is just beyond it. As you reflect about the past this autumn, turn your attention to the future as well. Lay plans for the days to come and dream about all that could be.

Autumn is all about change. What changes have you experienced in the past? What changes are you excited to make in the future?

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

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