Day 1: This Is Me

My name is Lillian Merritt. Eighteen years ago on Saturday I was born in the small town of Enid, Oklahoma and this is a little bit about me.

I prefer rainy days over sunny days and the more often it rains the higher my soul flies. I sunburn very easily and because of this I often stay inside during the summer. Music is a huge part of my life and getting Spotify changed the game. I often create playlists for people yet never show it to them.

I’ve been dancing for 16 years, having started when I was two years old. Dance is a part of me that I never want to lose but I know I don’t want to pursue it professionally. Because of dance I can pop almost every joint in my body.

I have 10˚ hyper extension in my knees which has led to almost an entire year in physical therapy for a wide variety of reasons. I feel like an 80 year old women most days and can feel weather shifts in my left knee.

Sunrises and sunsets are my favorite times of the day. The world is so soft and the colors that illuminate the world are simply magical. They remind me that there is beauty to be found both in beginnings and endings.

I have been journaling ever since I was ten and have continued to keep a journal since then. Writing helps me focus on and process my emotions and thoughts. If I haven’t written in my journal in a while I feel like I have lost sight of who I am. Collecting pens is something I enjoy, however it usually ends with me stealing them from family members. There are certain pens I like to use the most and those tend to be black ink.

I was born in Oklahoma and moved to Virginia when I was 13. I consider myself equally an Okie and a Virginian. My closet is filled with more vintage clothes, business suits, and formal gowns than practical clothes thanks to my obsession with Goodwill.

When I was little I wanted to be a “dolphin doctor” until I realized that sharks are very real things. I’m terrified of open water ranging from the size of creeks to oceans. I just don’t really like the idea of not being the only thing in the water.

I am a very goal oriented person and I excessively plan out my week, month, year, and everything in-between. If you ask about my 10 year goals I could easily give you detailed answers. I am a very forward thinking person that holds on tightly to the past, because of this the present can sometimes be ignored.

Back Camera

The only way to wake me up in the morning is with a cup of tea and functioning like a normal human being isn’t possible until around 10 a.m. My preferred sleep schedule is staying up until around 2 a.m. and waking up naturally around 10 a.m. Unfortunately with college, I have been waking up at 6 a.m. and going to bed at 11 p.m.

I prefer to write letters rather than texting people. I’m terrified of making phone calls but several of my closest friends are long distance so I’m getting better at making them. I was raised around ballroom dancing so I enjoy waltzing and swinging as much as I do ballet, maybe more. I still sleep with a stuffed animal, a dog named Woober. I’ve had him since I was born so at 18 years old he’s beginning to look a little worn out.

My favorite book of all time is Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë. I love it so much I have five different copies and the greatest gift I could possibly think of would be the first edition copy of the novel. I’m an avid reader and I tend to enjoy classics the most. You can tell when I have been reading a lot of classics because my texts will increase in length and become more eloquent.

I believe 2013 to be one of my all time favorite years. That’s because I got my first pair of pointe shows, I went on two big trips (the Grand Tetons and the Great Smokey Mountains), and I started photography. I create because it allows me to tell personal stories in a way others can connect with and relate to.

My favorite color is blue. My dream city is Washington D.C. I’m five foot eight inches and I’m afraid of tornadoes.

This is who I am…

Today marks the very first day of a 366 day project (it’s leap year next year!) that I will be attempting. Every day I will be writing, editing, and publishing a blog post. I would love to have you follow along with my journey so be sure to follow my blog and subscribe to my newsletter through this link.

I look forward to growing with you on this journey!

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