Making A Decision

Over the past week I have been posting a blog post every day. I have been experimenting with something and questioning whether I should continue it into the future. Change can come in many ways, however, sometimes it must be cultivated and before it can be cultivated it must be tried.

A little while ago, I had this crazy idea and the more I thought about it the more I wanted to see it through to the end. However, this idea requires a ginormous commitment that I’m not sure I could stick with for the length of time needed. Because of this uncertainty, I decided to attempt this idea on a much smaller scale for a much smaller period of time.

My original idea was this: after I turn eighteen I would write a blog post every single day for an entire year.

As you can see that sort of idea is incredibly time consuming and takes a lot of dedication to complete. It would be the longest and hardest project I have ever done. I would have to write 366 (next year is a leap year) blog posts without skipping a single day. It is an absolutely crazy idea, yet I am drawn to it with an increasing desire to try it.

Because of the gravity of this idea I decided to attempt a version of it for a week which has led me to this blog post. A week is not a super long period of time, yet it may be enough time to see if I want to follow through with the original extent of the idea.

In fourteen days I turn 18 and in fourteen days I will either give up my crazy idea or dedicate an entire year to doing it. So…what have I decided to do?

That is the question I have been mulling over for a week and that is the question that still does not have an answer. As I look over my calendar and try to decided whether or not I can sustain writing a blog post ever day for a year I have noticed that from September to December could possibly be the busiest season of my life. I’m looking at my calendar and I see a trip to Europe over my birthday, the possibility of spending three weeks away from my home in November, another trip in December, not to mention being a full-time college student, and dancing twelve hours a week.

The idea seems almost impossible.

Yet I managed to do an entire week without fail (I will still have to post a blog tomorrow) and that gives me reason to believe that if I was really dedicated I could do this. I did not think I would be able to complete the 52-week project that I did last year and I managed to do it. When I am dedicated to something there is proof that I will be able to accomplish it. If I am 100% in I usually make time to do it. However, can I be dedicated to something for an entire year without fail?

I am undecided. I want to do it. I know I have a lot going on right now. By time I leave for my trip to Europe, which is in a week, I will have made up my mind. As for now know that I am leaning towards dedicating an entire year to this blog.


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