Sunrise to Sunset

We are all made out of beginnings and endings. Our lives consist of moments where we have had to say hello and goodbye. Sometimes they come together and sometimes there are long periods of darkness between them. Sunrises and sunsets scatter across our lives leaving behind trails of night and day that tell the story of our life.

As we go about our lives, we will find that we are either in a beginning, an ending, or the in-between moments. Each of these phases looks different from the last and may differ in length, yet no matter what they look like we will experience them.

The sun rises on our beginnings and our fresh starts. These are the moments where we feel as if the whole world is before us and anything is possible. Our dreams soar higher than the clouds and the future looks bright. We grow into a new person, we let go of the past, and we advance into a world we have yet to explore. Our hearts are filled with joy and hope. Nothing can stop us from accomplishing what we set out to do. And nothing can stop us from enjoying our life.

The sun sets on our endings and our conclusions. These are the moments where we feel as if the whole world is disappearing from view and the future is dark. We cannot see where we are going because everything has become uncertain. Our hearts are filled with doubt and often sorrow. What we have come to know and understand slips from our view and we find ourselves floating without direction. During these endings we can feel lost and completely alone.

Then there are the in-between moments.

During the day after a sunrise we chase our dreams. We are living to our absolute fullest with endless possibilities in sight. Everything is touched by the sunshine and there is magic to be found in every moment. This is the time where we grow and achieve amazing goals we have dreamed about for so long. During these times our thoughts are on the future and what it could hold for us.

During the night after a sunset we are lost in the darkness. All hope seems to be gone and we live second by second, day by day. The future is lost in the darkness and any goals we had before seem too far out of reach. When in these nights, we are plagued by feelings of loneliness and displeasure with life. During these times our thoughts are on the past and what used to be.

Life is made up of sunrises, sunsets, nights, and days. They are unavoidable.

Mid Edit

We have all experienced our fair share of beginnings and endings. In fact, we are currently in one of these four phases of life. It will differ from person to person, but inevitably we are all going through one of them. Any one of these phases may last for years, weeks, or days. They come unexpectedly and randomly.

However, that’s what makes life worth living. Nothing is ever constant, life comes in waves and changes from moment to moment. Nothing lasts forever, but there is hope in that. For the night that seems to stretch on forever will not last and will be followed by a sunrise. Every ending has a new beginning. Even though every beginning has an ending there is joy in chasing after something new and allowing change to cause us to grow.

Through it all there is always hope. There is beauty to be found in every beginning and in every ending. A sunrise and a sunset are both beautiful in their own way. Night and day are completely different yet they each contain magic and beauty nonetheless. We have to always be the seekers of the beauty even in the darkest of nights.

We are all made out of beginnings and endings. They come and they go. But what matters most is what we become because of those sunrises and sunsets.

“Lumière D’été”
(Summer Light)

Rising, setting, dipping into the in-between moments, the sunlight moves over the world. Golden hues find their way into the very corners of the deepest shadows making it a dance between light and darkness.”Lumière D’été”
(Summer Light)

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