Tangled Thoughts

Busyness can easily creep into ones life without you even realizing. We live from moment to moment, but every once in a while everything comes crashing in at once. That was the situation I found myself in when I envisioned this image.


Life had been flowing by with a steady pace. However, out of nowhere it suddenly felt like everything was happening at once. Multiple big decisions required my attention at once and I felt like my mind was buzzing with a million things to do. While I was unwinding in my journal one night, I came up with this idea for an image that would represent this feeling of my thoughts spinning out of control.

The caption at the bottom of the sketch that spelled out the meaning of the image simply says: “Sometimes our brains and our schedules race so fast we lose right of where we are. Solitude and silence can help calm the madness.”


For me especially, I feel like things can easily spiral out of control. The busyness of life that people claim to be attractive will often drag you under and leave you feeling dazed and confused. When this happens our days can feel like chaos and our minds turn into a mass of tangled thoughts.

Going out to create this image was my moment of solitude and silence to help calm the chaos. I slipped into the realm of fantasy and disappeared into an area of peace. For a brief moment amongst the stress, the chaos, and the busyness of life I took a step back and said “wait.”

I had to allow that moment to flow through me, knowing that the world was simply turning, the sun was setting, and nothing mattered in that moment but resting in the hands of stillness.


When life gets busy it is important for us to slow down and clear our minds. Step back and allow life to flow harmlessly around you. In the darkness before dawn let your mind be at peace with itself and cast your worries away from you.

Focus on today, this very second. Not what is to come in the next hour, day, week, etc. Live in this moment. It is filled with peace and silence, you just have to allow your mind to open to the possibility of remaining still. This moment right now is all that matters and if we spend our time worrying about the moments to come it will only cause us to lose the one we are experiencing now.

The darkness of chaos will slip away when we expose ourselves to the dawn of peace. Slip into the quiet and breathe deep the scent of stillness. For the most important time to grow still is in the midst of your chaos. When life seems to be spinning out of control with no end in sight and our thoughts tangle into an unrecognizable mess, step back.


Breathe. Exist in one moment alone. Wait with the silence for the next moment and enjoy each as they pass. This alone will allow us to clear the chaos enough to dive back into our swirling thoughts and disrupted days.

Take all the time you need to slip away from it all, life is not meant to be lived busy. Enjoy every moment and slow down enough to love the life you are living.

Allow stillness to untangle the thoughts spinning in your mind and touch your heart with the lasting traces of peace.


(A feeling of anxiety experienced before dawn)

Spiraling and twisting into a tangled mass, thoughts and worries spill into the world becoming almost tangible. However, as the sun slowly slips into the sky there is peace and the chaos subsides.



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