Reality Of A Dream

The rain had finally slowed to a stop and the forests atmosphere tugged me towards the looming trees. I made my way into the woods with my camera in hand – ready to start creating. After such a long time, I was about to make my dreams a reality.

The moment I have been waiting for has finally come. Last Friday I finished my very first semester of college and I took a step into summer. For four months I have been looking forward to being able to focus 100% of my time and energy on my photography. That time has finally come and I am ready to dive in head first.

The last time I did a photoshoot was at the beginning of March. Everything in me has been begging to do a photoshoot and create something. And I finally can. Since college is over for a little while, I have time to create as much as my heart desires. The finished image below will be the first of many I will create over the summer and my fingers are already itching to make another.



At the start of 2019 I made a goal to come up with a photo idea every day for an entire year. Doing this has really helped me keep my mind fueled with inspiration and motivation. In February I came up with a particular idea where I wanted to see a girl floating in a forest, but one that was upside down. Ever since I came up with the idea I couldn’t wait to shoot it.


At the beginning of the week, I set up my camera in a beautiful clearing as raindrops were swept to the ground by a gentle breeze. It was chilly, but not cold. Wet, but not soaking. It was an absolutely perfect day for a photoshoot. After warm temperatures and lots of rain the trees have exploded with bright green leaves. Gone are the browns and grays. Amongst the ground cover and leaves I got ready to shoot.

Minutes later I was balancing on top of two stools that were precariously perched on uneven ground. There was a little bit of discomfort associated with the making of the image, yet I didn’t really mind. When we go after that which we love there will always be a bit of discomfort. If we stop because of this we will never reach our goals.

Creating has been and always will be one of my favorite things to do. I love having the ability to slip into a beautiful location and transport myself out of reality and into a fanciful world. Everything fades away and anything becomes possible. I no longer see the images I take as they are but I see them for what they could be. Creating is all about ignoring the limitations of reality and seeing with our minds eye.

When we create something we are taking our imagination and inserting it into our reality. The definition of create is “bring something into existence.” When we create, we are bringing our imagination into existence. No longer are our ideas or thoughts simply in our mind, they are in tangible and visible form.

Artists have the power to transform what we perceive into what we desire to see. As artists we have the ability to transform the world we live in into the world we see in our mind. We look not with the worlds eyes. When we create there is magic behind every tree, flower, costume, and pose. Artists have the ability to see beyond what is already in existence.

Merritt_Oneiric BTS1

The wild, unique, and bizarre come to life through the things we create. Upside-down trees, flying people, anything and everything is possible for the artists. We have the power to make our dreams a reality. Our biggest tool is imagination and our strongest desire is to make it visible.

Turning dreams into reality has the power to influence and impact people. The things we see in our minds eye and in our dreams do not have to remain there. They can be released into the world and given room to breathe. There is magic at our fingertips and beautiful stories in our minds. Why not bring them into reality?


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Drifting on a cloud of dreams, weightless hangs the dreamer. There among the scarlet leaves, down is up and up is down. Dreams form reality and what was once strange has found its place.

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