Me, the Fog, and Nothing Else

The fog rolled in over the hills and clung heavily to the ground below. The gloomy and overcast day was quickly drawing to a close and I was being drawn into the out of doors. School has occupied all of my time that day and I was still slaving away when I noticed how the beautiful evening light turned the entire world blue.


Turning away from the work I knew needed to be completed, I gave into my passion and raced upstairs to change into a bold maroon dress that would stand out beautifully against the fog. Racing into the evening light, I set everything up as quickly as possible, the light fading with each second.


It was thrilling. To finally give into the craving to create after such a long period of doing nothing. It revived my soul and set me free. I danced in the fog and created something that spoke to my soul. It was me, the fog, and nothing else.

Shooting the image, however, was only the beginning. As I write this it has been exactly one month since I shot this image on February 7th. College consumed my time and before I could blink time began to fly by.

After days of not creating, I finally felt the itch again. The desire that comes on so strongly that if I do not indulge in creating I may just explode. So I carved out time in my busy schedule and got down to it. Whenever I could find the time I tried to edit. Dedicating whatever I could spare to my craft, whether it be an hour or even fifteen minutes.


After a month, I have finished. I’ve completed the image (today) and have finally been able to post it. Although I don’t like going a month without creating, it has made me realize just how special each and every image is.

There is so much hard work behind all the art we see. In such a spontaneous world, it is often hard to take a moment and appreciate that hard work. People spend hours upon hours creating and we spend maybe 15 seconds looking at it before double-tapping and scrolling on?

Having taken so long to create this image makes me realize how much we should appreciate artists for being willing to dedicate hours of their lives to bettering their craft and producing incredibly moving art.

Next time you are scrolling through some social media sight, remember that each one of those images is the culmination of hours of work. And remember when you are creating, that every hour you put into your work is worth it.

Create to fulfill the need to create and appreciate the time it takes to get to the end result. It is always, and forever will be, about the journey.




In life we will always be faced with the negative, the oppressive, and the domineering. Not everything we do is for our own benefit and not everyone we know looks out for out best interest. It is up to us to realize when we are involved in this situations and are getting along with such people. Before the negative has it’s way with us, we must take the time to realize we might be dealing with something toxic.

It isn’t good to go through life with an overwhelming amount of pressure bearing down on us. We may not feel the burden now, but the longer we carry it around, the heavier it gets. Negativity and toxicity will always wear away at use the longer we allow it to press down and overpower us. It presses down on our soul and our hearts, snuffing out all that is good and light, but in order to live a life free of such things we must learn to let go.

We must find the courage, the strength, and the pure determination to rid ourselves of such harmful burden. We can remove ourselves from situations, let go of people, and change the way live. We are never truly bound to where we are at or to the people we know. In such a selfish world, it’s hard to hear this, but for once be selfish and look out for who you are. Realize when enough is enough and learn to let go.

Only you can truly know what is good for you. Others might try to convince you that they do, but only you know what your soul is telling you. Getting rid of something in your life may be hard but it is such an important thing to do.

It will take strength and often a major boost of courage, but when you let go of that burden and move on you will be surprised at the freedom you have. Learn to let go of what needs to released. Step agway from such a negative burden and take care of yourself.

Learn to live life freely.


(Mist or Fog)

Drifting in silently, the fog coats the ground and presses down heavily. Nothing escapes from its far reaching grasp, it bears down upon us with an unforeseen ferocity, suffocating and overbearing.

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