Expect the Unexpected

When I began my journey into 2019 I knew, somewhat, that it wouldn’t be like any year before. I would be starting college and completing my 52 week project. January 1st, 2019 was the start of a new chapter in my life. I just didn’t know what exactly that would entail.

Being more than a month into this new chapter I feel like I have a better understanding of what to expect. However, I now know this will be the year of expecting the unexpected.

January has taught me a few important lessons for this new year, for it has been a trial run for what to expect of the next eleven months. Nothing went according to the plan I had. However, things not going according to plan has taught me something very important.

There is no plan for the unexpected.

Life happens and no matter how hard we plan we will always have to shift and change things. But isn’t that what is so incredible about life? We never, ever know what’s coming next. There are so many unexpected opportunities and unexplored possibilities waiting ahead of us.

We can always expect the unexpected, in fact it is probably one of the few things we can rely on to never change. I learned this last month when I was given new obstacles and challenges.

My time to work on blog posts, images, and business related things has been reduced significantly. It will, most likely, continue to be that way for the next two years as I continue on my journey to get an Associates Degree. With that being said, I have no intention to give up on my passion and all my dreams.

Completing college may be my top priority, but my business is my number one passion. I could not imagine a life without photoshoots and writing blog posts. I started photography because I enjoy telling stories in such a creative way. That has not changed and I doubt it ever will. I just know that my time to create might be more limited than it has been in the past.

More often than not, when we try to force life to stick with our plan we miss these opportunities. They slip by us because we’re so intent on making life work for us. That is not how it works. We must be flexible and graceful in handling situations we didn’t plan for. We can always expect the unexpected and we must be prepared to face it.

Nothing is promised. Something totally out of the blue could step in front of us and change all our plans. That is the beauty of life. If we knew what would happen next, nothing would ever be exciting. Plans help to keep us going in the direction of our dreams, but we must realize they are not set in stone. The sooner we realize that, the less heartache and stress we will have to face in our lives.

This blog will be a place to record my stories during this new chapter of my life and I feel a calling to it more so than ever before. I hope you will stick with me on this journey. Consistency will not be found in my vocabulary, but the thought of random and meaningful bursts of inspiration excite me.

Everyone has a story to share and I hope you’ll join me as I share moments from my crazy and unexpected life. Life is so beautifully unexpected, I hope we can all learn to love it for that very reason.



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