The Ticking Clock

Time is a delicate thing.

Every moment that passes us by is gone forever. We cannot stop the flow of time. There is nothing we can do to change what has happened and there is no way to tell what will happen. Often it seems like we are at the mercy of a ticking clock, unable to slow its pace or control what is happening.

We struggle to control what is ours, there are times when everything that we do feels hopeless much like a car without breaks blasting down a steep hill. I for one have often felt very helpless when it comes to controlling my time and the events that are happening in my life. There are just some things that happen in our lives that we are unable to control.

Yet there is one major aspect of our lives that we can control . . . and that is ourselves.

Our time is now. Our time began when we were born and we’ve wasted enough time waiting for the perfect moment. There will never be a perfect moment in our lives. Never will our situation be perfect enough for us to want to start, to begin, to change, to create, to step out, to take a chance. We will always hesitate and will always wait. Our time will be spent sitting and waiting, watching the time drain past faster and faster.

The time is now. This second. This moment. If we wait our lives will drain by and we will find ourselves at the end, the clock coming to a stop, and what will we have? Regrets? Lost dreams? Wasted Time?

Let us not be the people of lost time. Live. Stop waiting for your time, this is your time! You have control over what you do, so start. Starting may be the hardest part of the journey, but it is a necessary step. One we can control.

Take that first step. Take control of your time, do not waste such a precious gift. Turn your back on the horizon and on the clock. Your time is now. We do not have the leisure to wait until we are ready. We must be ready now. Start living. Enjoy what you are doing and race after your goals. Don’t allow yourself to get to the end of your life and regret the time you lost. Get up, stop waiting. Chase your dreams, start your career, take chances.

This is your life. Your time is now.

Live it.



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