Spring Time Snow

The flowers bow their heads to the weight of each graceful flake. The air is thick with their chilling touch and to go out into the snow means I cannot escape from their grasp. Grey skies keep the sun’s rays from the surface of the earth, yet the world glows with a winter light.

All around are the signs of spring, peaking through their dusting of snow. The world shivers from the brisk morning air and the birds flit from tree to tree seeking cover from the ever persistent snow.

Through the sky falls the beautiful flakes, each different from the last, no two to ever be the same. Breathing deep their frosty scent and allowing them to fill my lungs I can feel the gentle brush of cold against my skin. Silence falls around me, the only noises to be heard are the chirps of birds and the motors of passerby’s, people completely unaware of the beauty falling about them.


Looking up to the grey skies reveals an endless stream of snow and with it falls memories of winters years ago. The seemingly fluffy flakes slip from some unknown place and fall to the earth with ease, pleasing the eyes of those who look up towards the beauty.

Pale purple flowers bow to the grey skies and winter breeze allowing their faces to be decorated with white lace. Every second the ground around them becomes more and more covered, concealing the new growth from view.


My eyes dance across each new leaf covered with a dusting of snow. I continue to trace the horizon, picking out the bare tree limbs from those blossoming. April seems to be a month when spring is at it’s finest. Yet the snow falls steadily, commanding the world at it’s every touch.

The world sings with a particular tone of romanticism, capturing the gaze of those willing to find it. My feet are held fast to the cold ground and with a glance down I find my hair decorated much like the flowers. Breathing fills my lungs with ghosts of the snow and I can feel winter seeping into my very being.


Snow falls silently to the ground, whilst the world seems still. The overcast skies hold in the chilly air that sweeps through the trees. I find myself wishing all year for these beautiful and pure days where I’m drawn to the outside world by an unseen hand. Not even my warm and comforting bed can keep me from being drawn out into the cold air.

Ever so softly the temporary flakes slip to the ground, their presence fleeting and beautiful. They’re here one second and gone the next, the world is dazzled by their touch for a brief moment before they slowly melt away into the ground. They last for but a few beautiful moments, the snow in spring pushing against the warm breath of an oncoming summer.


There is snow falling in my soul as to match that which is in the sky and I breath eagerly in the flakes that slip to the ground. Magic flows through the winter skies and is visible if we just take the time to look. When life delights you with a surprise take time to enjoy the beauty in each moment.

Slipping silently back into the warmth of my house I keep the window curtain open to allow visions of winter to fill the room and remind me of the beauty just witnessed by my eyes. A short time later my eyes are drawn to the out of doors and the blanket that covered the world has been removed. The flowers once bowing to the snow were now lifting their faces to the sun of spring.


2 thoughts on “Spring Time Snow”

  1. I like your thoughts and love the photos! Today, I experienced a similar feeling hiking in the redwoods. Miles of mud, it’s been very rainy, and first sightings of Trilliums. Spring!

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