17 Before 17

Life is so short. Each moment that goes by will never be experienced again. It’s a very scary thought, especially when we think about all we haven’t done. Often I begin to think about what I want to do and what I haven’t and get terribly scared. So scared that I end up not doing the things I want to do. This thought process is destructive and down right crazy. To let fear prevent us from doing the things we want to do should be unheard of. We all fall into the cycle of being scared of out doing what we would like to accomplish.

I’ve decided to break that thought process and I encourage you to do the same. On the 21st of September I turned 16, sweet 16. I never thought I would reach the age of 16, it always seemed like such a long ways away when I was little, but now I am over half way to 20. When I was younger I told myself that in the future I would accomplish great things, the things that mattered and were important to me. Guess it’s about time to start doing that.

For one year, from age 16 to 17 I’m going to accomplish 17 things. Ranging from reading 17 classics to selling my first Fine Art Print. 17 things I have always wanted to do and never have done. Some with relevance to my photography, some as simple as baking seven new recipes.

17 things before 17. A year of accomplishment and moments that inspire me. I challenge you to face your fears and live a life you want to, do the things you want to do, and be the person you want to be. Take a year, from today on, and make a list of any number of things you’ve always wanted to achieve. Instead of making them goals, make them a to-do list. Put them on your calendar, make them happen, choose a day and accomplish more than one. You will be surprised how much you can accomplish in one year.

No matter what fears have kept you from doing these things in the past, it’s time to face them. Allow this year to be a year of success and excitement. As I share my journey with you, I encourage you share yours with others inspiring them to face their fears.

Together we will face this year with courage and enthusiasm!

17 Before 17

1. Buy a new camera and lens

2. Write fifty letters to strangers

3. Get my driver’s license

4. Read seventeen classics

5. Figure out the “why” in my photography

6. Set up my store

7. Jump into seven different bodies of water

8. Write a book

9. Redo my website

10. Have my work in a gallery

11. Wake up at 6:00 every day for a week

12. Ask a complete stranger to model

13. Sell my first fine art print

14. Create an elaborate photoshoot

15. Go without technology for 2 days

16. Cook seven different recipes

17. Complete a photo series



4 thoughts on “17 Before 17”

  1. this is amazing. I just discovered your blog (thank you Somerset!!) and LOVE your photography. Your 17 before 17 goal resonates with me. oct 13 is my birthday, i just turned 64 (when did that happen??!!) and i suddenly feel the same urgency. its wonderful that you found it so early-there is no limit to what you will accomplish with your whole life ahead of you!
    I am a textile artist and quilter, and there is so much yet that i want to say and do..i no longer have time or patience for inconsequential Stuff. I’m going to work on my list now

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so so much! I am so glad to connect with you and I bet you will create amazing and magical things!


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