Behind The Name

     There is a lot to be said about names. Everything we know of has one. I do, you do. Plants also have names as well as trees and roads. Names can spark memories and emotions, calling to mind different things with just the sound of the word. Names like “Hitler” can stir up hate and anger while names like “Hot Chocolate” bring to mind the sweet liquid blanket and thoughts of winter nights.

     Books have names, movies have names, stars have name, furniture has names. Everything we know of has a name of its own. When it comes time to name an image that you’ve spent a lot of energy and creativity on, the pressure of getting it right suddenly becomes very real.

     Some of you might have noticed that most of my images have super weird names that don’t even look like actual words. (Don’t worry I can barely pronounce them either). There is a point to it all, and it all started with this image.


Monachopsis Music
Monachopsis: The subtle but persistent feeling of being out of place.

     Almost two years ago my family and I moved from Oklahoma to Virginia, the image you see above was the very first one I shot at our new house. A new phase of my photography had just begun, I’m not sure how I could tell, but something was different and I wanted to celebrate that. I found exactly what I was looking for on Pinterest. Having always enjoyed pinning images of crazy words with amazing meaning I decided to combine my love of photography and words.

     My images explore so many different worlds it’s impossible to describe them with our modern language. They need something just a little more to describe the magic I try to weave through them. A lot can be said in a name and a lot can be said about the object by the name.

     Explore my Pinterest board of names I would like to use in the future through this link.


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