What is a home? The dictionary defines it as “a place where one lives”.

     Everyone has a home. Mine is a red brick one built in 1982 with two stories and an unfinished, walkout basement. I have lived in two other homes, one I just recently moved out of and into the one I mentioned above.

     But a home can also be something besides an actual building where one lives. Ones home can belong in a person, a place, a city, etc.

     Every person has a home personal to them.

     We can live in a home, but be miles and miles away from our actual home. Home could be a street away or in the bedroom next to yours where your children sleep. It could be the person you said, “I do” with, or in the house where your parents live. Home could be a house you were raised in, or in the feeling you get when you remember walking into your grandparents house. It could even be a town you lived in for years and years.

     Maybe home is the friend that you can laugh with for hours. Or it could be in the arms of someone you love dearly. Home might be in the smile that pushes all those happy memories into your mind, but home could also rest somewhere below the ground. Maybe home is in the smell of nutmeg or the taste of hot chocolate. Or the memories that come with the first snowfall. Maybe the taste of sugar cookies or the lullaby your mother used to sing to you.

     Home is different for each person… it can be a painful home or a happy one.

     Memories or food or people.

     We all have a home.

     Special strings tie our hearts to a place making it hard to be away from it. Sometimes when we spend too much time away from our home, an ache forms in our heart, pulling and tugging on the strings. But when we are home we feel safe and happy, like nothing could ever harm us as long as we are there.

     There can come a time in many people’s lives when maybe home should not be our home any longer. A time where keeping the home you have could be more damaging than moving on to something else.

     If you live miles and miles from “home” you can feel disconnected from where you are at and if home is connected to a loved one that is no longer with you, to think of home can be painful. Homes are good to have, we need them in order to feel safe and protected. But sometimes our homes can be in the wrong places. As much as it can hurt to let go of your home, I believe that in the long run sometimes it is better if we move on to something better.

     As the years pass by we change, there is no stopping it, and as we continue to hold onto things from the past, it can keep us from growing to our full worth.

     Homes are amazing, we would not be the people we are today without the homes we have had. There comes a time when maybe our home should not be our home anymore. It might not happen to everyone, and it might happen more than once to some. When we let go we get a chance to stretch our wings and fly to heights we could only see from where we were hanging. Letting go does not always mean we will fall.

     The year is over and a new one before us, as we step into 2017 look to where you have placed your home and ask yourself if you are being held back by it. Maybe its time we set our sights to a different place of safety, one that might be better but we will only find out if we make the choice to let go.






     2016 is over, which means it has been one year since I started Strength Of Atlantis (yay!), it also means people are examining their lives and deciding what they want to change.

     I have always been a goal oriented person and I believe a lot of people are, so as we face the new year together take the time to write down at least five goals you want to accomplish in 2017 (or 50, that is where I am at at the moment). They can be huge ones or little ones, but as you write them out list some practical steps that you can do to get your closer to your goals. Post them where you can easily see them everyday to remind you what you set out to accomplish at the beginning of the year.

     Another thing I end up doing at the start of the year is picking one word to try and live by for the 365 days. Any word, such as kind, successful, patient etc. and write that above your goals. Then I would like you to go down to the comment box and share with me your #1 goal and your word, I would love to hear them.

     I hope all of your guys are as excited about 2017 as I am. Strength Of Atlantis has some big changes coming up and I am super excited about them. I would love to invite all of your to join me on an adventure, let us face the New Year together!



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